The Juggle is Real.
Let's talk about Professional Careers + Meaningful Mothering
Hi Friends!
Nothing like a global pandemic to make one "press go" on a topic that's on the 2020 to-do list but urgently needed right now.
Welcome to the Real Talk for Working Moms Show!
Glad you are here for "real talk".  If you know me, you know there's no other way I dish. If you don't know me..... you soon will.  I believe there can be space for career and family but I don't deny how freaking hard that can be.  Together, is the only way to get this done.   
Here we go.  ❤️ Lori 
Monday March 30  8 PM EST
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Chanie is a mom of 4 (ages 10 and under!) who runs a successful work-from-home business mentoring Early Childhood Educators to build a "school of excellence".   Her family has also already contracted and recovered from the virus and now she's juggling it ALL from home.

This is REAL TALK.  Chanie and I met in 2017 at an event in NYC and instantly bonded over online business, being a mom of 4 and how we get it done.

In this show we are going to share:

  • A positive story of recovery
  • How she and her husband are navigating their daily life at home
  • What she's doing to stay focused on her tasks amidst the distractions
  • How it's ok to NOT be ok
  • Our heart felt approaches for what we are saying and doing for our kids and our businesses at this time
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